Secure a brighter future for your loved ones

Life is full of uncertainties and while living life to the fullest is important, so is ensuring the well-being and safety of loved ones after we are gone. Despite the importance of life insurance, South Africans are dangerously underinsured. The death of a breadwinner can leave an entire family vulnerable. Could your family survive financial hardship?

Unpacking the stark reality of South Africans’ life cover

According to the 2022 Life and Disability Insurance Gap Study by the Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA), the average South African income earner faces a significant shortfall in both life and disability cover. The combined shortfall amounts to R34.3 trillion. The study revealed that shortfalls in life cover and disability cover affects earners across all age groups.

The root cause of the shortfall: dismantling misconceptions around life cover

South Africans young and old have many misconceptions around life cover:

-Death and disability affect only older people

-Life insurance is only for the wealthy who have assets to safeguard

-Life insurance is solely for death cover and life-altering events such as critical illness and disability are overlooked

These misconceptions often result in insurance being a grudge purchase, where people are less likely to spend their hard-earned money on insurance premiums. But it is crucial for South Africans of every age to know how important life cover can be.

Give your family a financial safety net

The benefits of life cover become evident during times of crisis, where, during unforeseen circumstances, families don’t have to incur further trauma by worrying how to survive. In South Africa’s unstable economic climate prioritising the protection of our loved ones is essential. Proactive intervention bridges the insurance gap. By investing in robust life and disability insurance, earners can ensure their loved ones are protected from any life event.

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